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August 10, 2010
by Justin

So here at we try to find useful information that can help you the student athlete reach your full potential. Well we came across this article by Recruiting 101, titled “Football Recruiting Q&A with an Informed Parent”, and thought it was well done. In this featured article Recruiting 101 sits down with one particular parent who had gone through the recruiting process. More specifically a parent of a student athlete who had received an offer from a major BCS school (name not disclosed), which has seen recent success within their conference. Prior to receiving an offer the athlete went into the summer prior to his senior year without any offers and he was under the impression that would be the case heading into the fall. But to his surprise this BCS School ended up making an offer to the athlete at the end of July. The author of this article does a wonderful job illustrating the steps throughout the process but more so in the lead up to the offer. was started with the goal of helping parents, athletes, and even high school coaches throughout difficult time known as the recruiting. More specifically, Recruiting 101 focuses on reducing the burden and stresses of the recruitment period for those whom play basketball and/or football. And they account for the fact that very few earn a partial scholarship and even fewer will be fortunate enough to earn a “full ride”. The founder writes based upon personal experience as they spent four years of college playing athletics and had a great deal of success doing so. We feel this is a must read, as you will find that there many more student athletes just like your self in the same situation.

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