How Does the Internet Affects Recruiting

September 22, 2011
by Justin

When it comes to recruiting and getting your dream job as a professional football player or even a college athlete the first impression is lasting. And with the advent of the internet it’s a lot easier for coaches and recruiters to look you up before they even meet you.

When it comes to evaluating football prospects the internet and recent NCAA rules have changed recruiting. Coaches can find you and other athletes through the internet.  But the NCAA has placed more limitations on them in the form of 85 scholarships (down from 105), shorter evaluation periods, fewer phone calls, fewer contacts, all in an attempt to create parity at the college level.

So what you put on your facebook, twitter and blogs is all being watched. Coaches are concerned with how going to new school and environment will affect you. How being free for the first till will go. The recruiting process is all about commitment, concern over character issues and the ability separate the great from the good. Coaches in general are looking for mature young adults. And if your conduct in the social media world is unbecoming then the coaches might think twice about contacting you. You may think your talent will over ride all of that, but there are thousands of other athletes who are just as talented.

Background checks are also common with the recruiting process. You might think that might be unnecessary but recruiter want to know so there will be no issues in you play. Nobody wants to read about their star running back on the front of the local paper for being arrested for driving drunk.

The coaches’ job is to evaluate and develop you, not baby sit you. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t want you parents to read it don’t put it on the internet.

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