As The College Football World Turns Vol. V: Revenge of the Nerds

October 21, 2011
by Justin

High school was a much more simpler time for me. Being an athlete had its advantages, especially when it came to the social hierarchy. Because people are naturally drawn to groups, the jocks, who always hung around with each other, had instant popularity. As much as I enjoyed the social status, I never took myself too seriously. My view on the importance of popularity changed one day at lunch. There was a guy named Brandon who sat at our table, one day out of the blue. At first we played it off, as if he made a mistake. Everything was cool until he attempted to join our conversation. Now we spoke about everything; football, basketball, girls and school. Clearly, this guy, who made Steve Urkel look like the Fonz, was nowhere near his normal table or our superficial ideal of cool. One of my rude and obnoxious teammates told him that he had to go. Brandon held his ground as if the table was his property. We ignored him, but every day after that, he rebeliously sat at our table. It didn’t matter if he was being heckled or people starred at him, he stayed at our table. We eventually came to find out that Brandon, though not athletically gifted, loved sports just like we did. He ended up being an equipment manager and most importantly found his way into the highest level of popularity. This militant move is the same action that the small and mid-major conferences are making to add some parody to big time college football.

Welcome back to ATCFWT, the ultimate destination for all the college football drama of the week, provided exclusively to you by In volume one ( we weighed in on conference realignment, while in two ( and three ( updated you about new developments. Volume four was highlighted with the possibility of Boise State playing for the Big East, and this week I’ll provide more insight and hot news about the current developments in college football’s soap opera.


Revenge of the Nerds

Before this season the Mountain West was merely known for only being the new home of Boise State football. In the cafeteria of college sports, they were firmly cemented at the nerdy table. The Mountain West has taken off their glasses and are ready to get down to business; big business that is. As I said last week, the Mountain West and Conference USA are coming together to make quite possibly the largest conference in college football. This move is all predicated on the prospect of taking over the Big East’s automatic bid in the BCS. The Big East, who only has six football schools left, has invited programs as far as Boise State to join their East Coast affiliation. The Mountain West did not take this threat lightly and reactively joined with another struggling mid-major conference, the Conference USA. Now these “nerds” are turning into playground bullies. They recently submitted a proposal to the NCAA for 16 game playoff. If their math is correct, a playoff would generate $700 million. That’s $520 million more than the BCS Football games generated last year. As a proponent of a college football playoff, this proposal sounds like music to my ears.


Saban Sings the Blues

Nick Saban is the classic, angry football coach, especially when it comes to conference expansion. He recently sounded off in a press conference about his frustrations. His issue is that he has no idea who is going to be a part of the SEC, and he’s annoyed with the constant questions about the SEC’s expansion. Even the possibility of having to play Missouri or not playing Tennesse, makes him want to curse in public as he did in this press conference. Here is the video; please excuse his French:


I’m so excited about the possibility of there being a college football playoff. Imagine if college football had a tournament comparable to March Madness? A man can dream can’t he? Well, I’ll get down off my soapbox, but I’ll be back next week. Until the drama dies, this is Yorick Hempstead, signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle and all of his work can be found at  

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