The New G-series, contender or pretender?

September 11, 2010
by Justin

Has anyone taken noticed how many different kinds of Gatorade drinks there are today? I mean seriously there is so many different kinds I don’t even care what purpose they serve but rather how they taste. And from a performance optimization standpoint I know that is the worst approach when reaching for some type of electrolyte supplement. And this is supported by Gatorade’s Chief Marketing Office Sarah Robb O’Hagan’s statement, “For too long, this category has relied on flavor extensions and it’s time to reset the clock in terms of functionality, and that’s what we are doing in 2010″. And lets be honest, Gatorade for years now has been reaching for the next “game changer”. Well guess what, I think they may have rejuvenated their brand with the introduction of the G-Series.

Gatorade is dedicated to bringing “what the pros use” to the consumer market for aspiring pros and student athletes in order to reach optimal performance. The G-Series breaks into three separate products or phases, Prime (01), Perform (02) and Recover (o3). Its no secret that Gatorade has been on the decline and has lost market share in recent years in the ever growing sports drink segment. With the G Series its hard not to think that they have pinned much of their hopes on this new product line. But what I can say is I have tried several of the flavors and I can tell you I am a big fan of the “berry”. Matter of fact I use it regularly for each of my workouts and I have not data support any improved performance but I can tell you I can feel a difference. I don’t tire, as quickly I feel a little stronger from an endurance standpoint. Now if there is one thing I learned during my athletic career is that everybody’s body chemistry is different and there will be those folks that don’t notice a thing while others will get a massive boost. At the end of the day I recommend you try it. What can it hurt? Try it for a couple of workouts and see if Gatorade can make a believer out of you.

I am not here to report old news nor bore you with industry statistics, just looking to give you my opinion of my own personal experiences using the new G-Series products. I use them everyday now and feel the added benefits of using them. Give it a try, what do you have to loose.

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