The Essential Ingredients to a Football Player

November 15, 2011

To those quietly hating on the men who play the game of football, in college sports.  You might be a fan, alum or even you, the fanatic who paints their bodies until their skin bleeds team colors.   A dirty secret of hatorade you will carry to the grave about your true feelings towards the 250 […]

Can I Get a Nurse?

October 14, 2011

With nursing growing as one of the leading industries in the United States, one has to wonder the lasting impact such a behemoth industry will have on a country. So, the question is: why do we deprive our student-athletes of them. According to the IOM Report of 2010, “over 3 million of the United States […]

Gridiron Grit Vol. 2: don’t compromise your size

October 13, 2011

When it comes to college football, size matters. This was a fun fact that I learned my first away game in Wisconsin.  In high school, I was by far the biggest guy on the field. Most offensive lines were on average less than 250 pounds. Every line I ran across in college had guys no […]

Health; It Does a Scoreboard Good!

October 11, 2011

Remember what I said? The best way for a successful football player on the field, is a healthy diet? Well, yes, it’s still true today. Recall what I told you last time about the do’s and don’ts to a healthy football player: Hydration is paramount. Especially for athletes. Liquid fuel met with high electrolytes is […]

Healthy Numbers on the Scoreboards are made by Healthy Football Players.

September 30, 2011

Guess what? I know that you have been told many times that a football players diet is key, but what is creeping in that is preventing you to keep up your game? A healthy football players diet is always considered to be what can make or break a players performance. After and interview with coach […]

Football Diet: Carbing It Up

September 19, 2011

When it comes to diet and nutrition an athlete sometimes gets confused as to how much carbohydrates and protein to have. With the low carb phenomenon many players are eating fewer carbs and balking on proteins every day. As you might know football is a high intensity sport with high bursts of energy and rest. […]

Life and Times and Diet of a Football Player

September 19, 2011

Being an upcoming football player with dreams of turning pro doesn’t just start when you get on the field.  It starts when you go to bed, you should be dreaming about football and as soon as you wake up you should be eating like an athlete. Your performance is not dictated by how hard you […]

The New G-series, contender or pretender?

September 11, 2010

Has anyone taken noticed how many different kind of gatorades there are today? I mean seriously there are so many different kinds I dont even care what purpose they serve but rather how they taste. And from a performance optimization standpoint I know that is the worst approach when reaching for some type of electrolyte supplement. But lets be honest Gatorade may have been reaching for years now for the next “game changer”.

How to manage an ankle sprain.

July 13, 2010

Have you ever sprained your ankle? Ever feel like it won’t heal? Well here at we wanted to take a deeper look into what an ankle sprain really is and how to properly treat it. So we turned to WebMD and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to give us some advice and direction on how […]

This is Your Brain on Sports, Any Questions?

April 22, 2010

Having suffered my fair share of concussions in my life, I can tell you first hand when suffered concussions should never be dismissed and should be given priority when treating them. Obviously there are variants degrees of concussions, which can range from a bump on the head to full blow amnesia and hemorrhaging. Defining a […]

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