Football: Work Smarter, Not Harder

October 5, 2011
by Justin

Early one fall morning, after parking my truck in the high school parking lot, I rush over to the locker room quickly before class starts to check on my football equipment before tonight’s game. I had played football in elementary school, but it had been a good six years since I last graced the football field in rush to block an opponent. I was nervous. I was anxious. I had wondered if I had the right gear. If my pads and cleats were of the highest quality. That my underarmor would keep me secure and warm during a chilling, moist southwestern fall wind. It was my first away game. I knew the other high school team had been county funded to have the most advanced, modified, up-to-date gear. However, I had realized something that changed my perspective about the game.


Three guys on our football team that season would later go on to play college football. One at Notre Dame, the other at the University of New Mexico, and the other at Eastern New Mexico State. These three guys were the best on our team. Not because they donned the most advanced apparel, but how the way they wore it. These boys were fast, lean, strong, and passionate about their sport. They knew how to wear their equipment, and where to place it so that they would be the most effective on the field.


Today in age, we have so much advanced football equipment; it’s hard to keep up your modifications. However, let me shed some light onto what some coaches and players have said have helped them on the field.


As our old Navy Chief used to say, “work smarter, not harder”.


The same applies to seeking out good football gear. If you live in areas of this fine country that is generally colder in climate, a cut-off Fruit of the Looms t-shirt, and your shoulder pads might not be the best option for you. The best thing you could wear is some McDavid HexPad Mesh Shirts, or some Aasics Underarmor. These shirts are scientifically fitted to help absorb shock, and provide some warmth and comfort before you’re pile driven into the turf.


For speed and agility: Adidas Youth Lightning Fly Low Football Cleats. They designed to help you fly across the field, and hold steady blocking ground when the hike is sounded. Or, a good pair of Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor Carbon TD Football Shoes. These are specifically designed for speed, and agility when flying across the field towards your touchdown.


Now, I know many of you either have football equipment or have a school that provides equipment. That is great if they do. I’m talking about specifically designed apparel that is integrated for top performance on the field. Especially, for athletes who are seeking recruitment into college teams.


When playing football for as funny as this may sound, you also have to protect your body. What do I mean by that? Well, when you are in your 3-point stance, and about to drive your hands into another mans Douglas Custom Fit Padding, your fingers are very exposed to cuts, and brokenness. Aasics Armour F2 Football Gloves are proven to keep your hands comfortable, and well secured when blocking. Furthermore, when a fumble attempt takes place, Aasics Gloves have solid tactful grip that can whip up the ball in your hand and free from slipping. When donning your helmet, it’s good to have a secure chinstrap to keep the helmet tight on your head. Yet, when I played football in high school, and you may be able to relate, the cheap plastic, un-cushioned chinstraps did a number on many football players chins. So, again, protect yourself. Get some Under Armour Youth ArmourFuse Football Chin Straps to keep your chin in tact. They are comfortable and help you move more agile, and speedily on the field.


Some other comfortable Apparel that is proven to help you high school football players are:

Under Armour Heat Gear Football Forearm Pads,

Douglas Men’s NP 56 Football Shoulder Pads,

Douglas Men’s Football Back Plate 4; primarily for back protection.

Douglas Football Neck Roll; helps limit the backward and side-to-side movement and helps stabilize the helmet.


These items can be found at Sports Chalet, Big 5, and Champro Sports Stores.


Also, football can be an expensive sport. I am aware. So, if you need advice on discounts and deals on football equipment, ask your coaches. They may have some extra ones themselves. Or, they can certainly direct you to a place where they are sold.


Comfortable. Safety. These words are not usually associated with football. Yet, they have worked wonders for football players, equipping them with the best comfortable, safe gear that allows them to make the most hard-hitting impact.



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