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The answers to 95% of all the questions we receive are addressed here in the FAQs, so save yourself some time by reading below before contacting us. If after reading below your question is still not answered please feel free to contact us directly at 310-590-7300 or email us at

Q: Who will be evaluating the student athletes?
A: Olympians, Professional Athletes and Local College and Professional Coaches will evaluate the athletes on the last day during competition, of course depending on the sport. Student Athletes will compete at their specific sport and put into various scenarios in order to evaluate them on the intangibles; leadership, worth ethic, sportsmanship, etc.


Q: How old must you be to attend the Festivals?
A: If you are between the ages of 13-18 then you are eligible to attend ScoutMe Fest. It is also recommended, but not required, that you attend each year of your high school career in order to track your progress and match you with the perfect college for you.


Q: What is the ScoutMe Philosophy?
A: ScoutMe’s philosophy is that there is a college program for everybody! Our staff consists of  athletes across multiple sports anywhere from the High School, College and the Professional levels. Our focus is not to teach but rather evaluate student athletes and giving them the tools to leverage their sport in order to get the best possible education. Too often we see recruiting services charge thousands of dollars or single out only the best athletes. We believe as a result of being a student athlete in college, our college experience was unforgettable but also provided us with many life skills that are needed to be successful in our professional lives.  If you are currently a high school student athlete you owe it to yourself to see what colleges would be the perfect match for you!


Q: What is the College Match Program?
A: Thought you would never ask! Upon completion of ScoutMe Fest we will run our College Match Program and identify all of the tops colleges that match your abilities athletically and academically. This way you know exactly what colleges you should spend your time marketing to. In addition, for the first time ever you will also know what college level athlete you are as well. No longer is it a guessing game for you. Now you can have all the answers!


Q: What is ScoutMe Fest?
A: It is a live recruiting event designed to evaluate you the student athlete and determine what college is perfect for you. At the end of each festival you will be provided a complete analysis of your athletic acumen and using our online platform you will be able to see what colleges would be a perfect match for you. We dedicate 3 days to evaluate you in three main categories; athletic ability, sports specific ability and intangibles.  We will also have professionals from various fields to educate you on nutrition, sport specific training and the college recruiting process. Our team also knows it is important for parents to understand the process and we will be hosting a Parent Forum where we will teach parents about the college recruiting process and how best to support their student athlete.


Q: How will the students be matched up?
A: Student athletes will be assigned to a specific team with players from all over, but specific to their sport. Each day a student athlete will be assigned a scheduled time for testing. It is the responsibility of the students to be at where they need to be at their assigned time. Each student will be tested in various areas of athleticism and will be allowed one “do over”. On the last day of the Festival students will compete against other teams and evaluated by our team of panelists.


Q: Does ScoutMe Fest offer only one Festival for one Sport?
A: No, one of the shortcomings of so many services out there is that they offer just one sport. At ScoutMe we know that so many athletes miss out on opportunities because of the lack of events designed for their specific sport. We are focused on helping boys and girls across 12 different sports.


Q: Why should I Attend ScoutMe Fest?
A: No other event on the planet offers as much visibility to college coaches as ScoutMe Fest. For the first time ever college coaches from all over the country have the ability to watch you, the student athlete, perform  while at ScoutMe Fest. We will be streaming live video throughout the 3 day event at no cost to the colleges or the students attending. In addition, what most people are unaware of is that it is a NCAA violation to require colleges to log in or maintain a profile in order to access information. At ScoutMe we have created a safe platform for colleges and student athletes to be seen without requiring a college coach to setup an account. Ultimately providing maximum exposure for both the college coach and the high school student athlete with in the guidelines set forth by the NCAA.


Q: As a parent or guardian, can I come and watch the testing at the Festivals?
A: Yes, we actually encourage parents/guardians to attend ScoutMe Fest beyond the first day in order to get the most out of the event.


Q: How do Cancellations and refunds work?
A: We offer refunds or cancellations within 14 days of registration. After that there are no refunds but if a student athlete is unable to attend then they can apply their credit to any future Festival for any sport. Student Athletes can not transfer their credit to another student athlete.


Q: Will there be trainers available?
A: ScoutMe understands the importance of your child’s safety. Your student athlete will be assigned a chaperon, or what we call a Team Leader, while in attendance. We will also have on sight security and trainers to assist students while in attendance. The safety of the student athletes is our top priority and we take it very serious!


Q:I don’t think I am good enough to play at the college level should I register?
A: Absolutely! ScoutMe is designed for all students of all skill levels. There are nearly 1900 colleges across the country and many of them with out the budgets to find you! Too often we hear from student athletes that they are “not good enough” and we know from experience that there is certainly a college for you and we will help you find it! Give yourself the chance to see what is possible and register for ScoutMe Fest today!


Q: How many festivals do ScoutMe Fest offer?
A: ScoutMe currently offers 4 Festivals and will be announcing more shortly. So keep checking back with us and find out the latest on a Festival near you!


Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?
A: Yes, all campers are required to bring a completed waiver upon check in. We cannot allow student athletes to participate unless they have turned these in. ScoutMe Fest Waiver


Q: How do I get a job at one of your Festivals?
A: We are always looking for qualified team members who share our enthusiasm for sports and enjoy working with young student athletes. As we continue to grow we will have numerous positions dependent upon experience level. For inquires about available positions please contacts us at


Q: How can I tell if a Festival still has openings?
A: There will be a “Sold Out” banner on the page of any Festival that is sold out. If there is no banner, there are still openings in that Festival. If the festival is sold out, please call our office at 310-590-7300 to be placed on the wait list. Each festival has a maximum of 1000 slots for student athletes.


Q: How can we get ScoutMe Fest in my area?
A: We are always looking for new locations where our top-notch staff can work with high school student athletes. If your local team or league is interested in bringing ScoutMe Fest to your community, please contact us at


Q: Do I Need To Rent Equipment From ScoutMe?
A: No, student athletes are to supply their own gear while in attendance. Obviously each day will determine what is required. If you are unsure of what to bring feel free to give us a call and we can tell you what you will need.


Q: Can I bring my cell phone, iPod, Game Boy, etc to camp with me?
A: Yes, but you are responsible for what ever you bring whether it is lost or stolen.


Q: Does ScoutMe offer any fundraising opportunities?
A: Yes! One of the things we pride ourselves on is our commitment to the communities we are involved in. We know during these economic times schools and organizations are feeling the financial pinch and even worse canceling some athletic programs. Please contact as at 310-590-7300 or email us at with your inquiries.



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