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ScoutMe Fest, part combine part showcase, is a gathering of athletic professionals, colleges, and student athletes that take place over 3 1/2 days during the summer. As the first of its kind and premiere gathering place for student athletes, youíll receive a complete assessment of your athletic acumen. If you are a high school student athlete grades 9-12, or soon to be, then this is the ultimate scouting event for you!


There will be live music, games and opportunities to speak with Olympians and Professional Athletes, depending on your sport, about what it takes to be your best!


ScoutMe Fest also aims to educate you, the student athlete, in the following areas: nutrition, sport-specific training, how to market yourself and the recruiting process.


Each Festival is specifically designed for your sport, by former college athletes, certified trainers and feedback we have received from college coaches. 

Parents are urged to attend as ScoutMe Fest also includes a parent forum intended to let Mom and Dad know how to best support their student athletes throughout the process. No longer do you have to be in the dark about the college recruiting process!


Unlike any other service out there ScoutMe Fest will Stream Live Video available to all colleges across the country to watch your progress, increase your exposure, and potential to be recruited!


Upon the completion of ScoutMe Fest you will be able to run our College Match Program. This will identify the best colleges for you athletically and academically. Imagine having the knowledge of where you can and cannot play in college?


The Tests


Upon registration, each student athlete will be assigned to a team. And each team will be assigned a testing start time. You may inquire about preferred start times but we can not promise that time will be available as it will be on a first come first serve basis. You will be emailed your assigned start time within a week of the event. Over the course of 3 1/2 days student athletes will be put to the test literally!

Sunday students will check in and will be weighed and measured. During this time parents are urged to check in for the Parent Forum. We will have a guest speaker and materials provided to assist you through the process. Seats are limited to attending parents and will be offered to those who register for ScoutMe Fest first.


Monday students will begin the athletic testing. All Festivals will test the same metrics on Day 1. These tests will determine your overall athletic ability. This is also a great way for coaches to find you across different sports! If sitting around is a concern of yours donít be. If youíre not testing youíre gaming! Through out the day you will be faced with various challenges and games so bring your ìAî game!


Tuesday we dive into your sport as you will be tested on your sports specific ability so you better be ready. Now is your chance to really separate yourself from the pack, as you will be pushed to the limit of your sport. Coaches will get their first look at your real potential as we lead into Day 3! Donít forget through out the day we will have more in store for you and your team!


Wednesday the day of reckoning! Your team will be put through a gauntlet of competition. You will be tested, you will be pushed, and you will be challenged. Unlike anything you have ever seen before, your team will fight to be the best whether itís tournament style games or an all out competition, professionals will evaluate how you handle the pressure. In todayís world of college sports character trumps talent and how you handle the pressure could be your crystal ball to the next level.

At the end of ScoutMe Fest you will know where you rank amongst your peers all the while gaining exposure to more colleges than you could ever imagine. So donít wait! Pick your Fest and find your college!


If You Were Wondering: If you play multiple sports, and you want to enter multiple ScoutMe Fests, then email us at and we will give you a 50% discount for the second Fest!


*Please Note: We cannot make edits to registrations once we are one month away from the event. For questions about refunds and cancelations please see our FAQ page for details.


**Fundraising: If your school or organization is interesting in fundraising opportunities please contact Mark Mansueto at



Effective Dates


Early Registration

September 1st January 28th


Regular Registration

February 1st May 31st 


Late Registration

June 1st Event Date


We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Below you will find the latest ScoutMe Fest events that you can sign up for right now!

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