Duke Basketball vs. UNC Basketball

December 10, 2011
by Justin

Welcome back to Hardwood High School, your top-tier source for tips, techniques, drills about everything in high school basketball. This is a weekly blog from the @HempsteadHuddle, so check back every week for more insightful pieces. Volume one was about the importance of great defense, and the second volume was all about you, the high school basketball player, whose looking for the best opportunity to play at the next level. This week is all about Duke basketball and their rival, UNC basketball. These two, top best basketball teams are coached by two of the best coaches in ACC basketball history, Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams. They both have made their great tips and techniques available online for you to apply to your game right now. Let’s check out these great defensive drills from UNC basketball and Duke basketball.


ACC Basketball Team #1:

#4 UNC Basketball 2 on 2 Perimeter Defense Drill

The Tarheels of UNC basketball are a perennial powerhouse that has a hall of fame alumni and a never-ending flow of blue chip athletes. UNC basketball has had some great backcourts in their history, like All ACC basketball guard Ty Lawson and Vince Carter; this fact alone makes UNC basketball a factory of talent. The UNC basketball coach, Roy Williams, cut his teeth with ACC basketball legend, Dean Smith. Williams has been apart of several ACC basketball championships as an assistant and head coach, and looks to keep UNC basketball in the top spot for years to come.


The one thing that every great ACC basketball team and UNC basketball is known for, is great defense. In the video provided by UNC basketball, Coach Williams teaches a clinic on techniques with perimeter defense. Williams teaches a conservative technique for the on-ball defender. The UNC basketball, point guard plays a conservative role defensively, ensuring that the ball handler cannot penetrate the top of the defense. The UNC basketball, off-ball defender keeps their inside hand in the passing lane. This tactic will ensure that whatever pass is delivered will be outside of the three point line, and will decrease the prospect of triple threat success from the offensive player. UNC basketball coach, Roy Williams also emphasizes proper spacing from the on ball defender, especially if the basketball is put on the floor. With all the great ACC basketball point guards, it is wise to play defense conservatively like Coach Williams instructed. Here is the video of Coach Williams teaching the ways of UNC basketball.


ACC Basketball Team #2:

#7 Duke Basketball Agility & Conditioning Defensive Drill

There is no coach more synonymous with ACC basketball than Duke basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K has never been know to have the typical “one and done” type of athletes like UNC basketball, but he has made Duke basketball into a staple in ACC basketball history. He has won 12 National Coach of the Year awards, 12 ACC Basketball Championships along with four National Championships. Duke basketball can also hang its hat on the fact that Coach K is not only the winningest coach in ACC basketball history, but in Division I, men’s college basketball history.


Coach K’s drill is the Help and Recover, Agility and Conditioning drill. This Duke basketball drill simulates actual movement that you will encounter in any ACC basketball game. The Duke basketball defensive system is historically top-tier, solely because of the amount of effort and discipline Coach K’s players exhibit in every ACC basketball game. Here is a video of the drill, narrated by Duke basketball’s Coach K himself.

Check back next week for another installment of Hardwood High. Until then, this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.


Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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