Stat keeping? There’s an App for that!

March 26, 2010
by Justin


Every wonder what the score is for your son’s high school baseball game? Ever wonder how your daughter is pitching in her softball game? You ever too busy to catch your brother or sister’s baseball or softball game because you’re stuck in 5th period study hall? Well guess what, “there’s an app for that”. Competition Technology, a software developer of technology for sports and competitive activities, has released seeme active™ baseball for the iPhone® and iPod touch®.

Users can input real time stats, scores, highlights and comments from the bleachers, dugout, or even the bullpen. They can then turn around and share them live with their friends and family. In a time when both parents work full time we can’t always be where we want to be, Competition Technology has no made it a little bit easier for all of us.

Such features include, Lifetime Stats, Integration with social networks twitter and facebook, permission-based sharing, instant access on the web of all stats entered, and real time notification to friends and family as stats are entered. From what I gathered on iTunes users have been extremely receptive to this application and for only $1.99 what’s there not to like. As you would probably imagine, it has been especially popular amongst the parents.

So does Competition Technology have any plans to roll out any more products? Well it just happens that seeme active football was released last September, seeme active fight-sports last November, and seeme active running was set to be released this past January but it is still not available at this time. Is it possible to see more sports down the pipeline? If you check their website,, you will see at the bottom icons symbolizing several different sports (i.e. basketball, golf, soccer etc) so one would assume that new iphone apps should be coming down the pipeline.

So here is my question, does this seem like some you might useful if you played soccer or basketball?

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